PT Rizq Sahara Multindo


Argile Partners was appointed as CFO of a cement trading and electrical engineering company.

We developed strategies to help the organisation including a cash management process and forecasting that enables working capital review, forecast and optimization. We streamlined the company’s corporate overheads and reduced cash burn. Our team has also reorganised the shareholding and corporate structure and also developed policies and workscope for each department to improve operational efficiency.

Moreover, Argile Partners conducted a business strategy review and proposed pivot and fund raising for working capital and runway extension.


The Oddle Company

Singapore, Taiwan, Malaysia

Argile Partners was appointed CFO of a F&B technogly solutions company operating across Asia.

Our responsibilities included business strategy review and realignment resulting in branding campaign realigned product journey, top and bottol line review which resulted in product redevelopemtn and repricing plans and redesigning internal processes to streamline in accordance with new product and pricing policies.

We play a vital role in working capital management and forecasting, financial modelling of new business strategy, fund strategic initiatives including strategic M&A opportunities and fund raising for working capital and runway extension.


Chembulk Tankers

USA, Singapore

Argile Partners was appointed General Manager of a private equity owned ship owning company based in the United States, operating 25 deep sea chemical tankers and 4 pressurised LPG tankers. 

We played a vital role in developing new markets in East of Suez by securing new contracts with numerous strategic customers including Reliance, Oman Trading International, Oman Methanol Company, Shell, ExxonMobil and Petronas. We also optimised trading of Asia’s vessels by developing time charters, ratable contract/spot trades and the negotiation and sale of 12 ships considered to be non-core.

With our expertise, we grew their office from 5 to a 17-man team comprising of full Chartering, Operations and Technical responsibilities over fleet trading in Asia. We led strategic business initiatives including reviewing and optimising internal business processes, developing and implementation of fuel hedging strategy, budgeting and forecasting.



Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia

Argile Partners was appointed CFO of a fitness technology solutions company operating across Asia.

Our team analysed and segmented customer data to create customer personas and conducted user exit interviews across Asia to support customer data analysis. Subsequently, we improved product features and offerings in accordance with findings. We conducted business strategy review which resulted in strategic pivot towards B2B segment and developed a business plan including identifying strategic partners and sponsors.

We developed working capital management, forecasting, leading investor and other keystakeholders’ management and fund raising to fun strategic pivot. With our business knowledge, we revamped the organisational structure including financial reporting functions.


Opus Offshore Limited

Singapore, China

Argile Partners was appointed Director to lead the financial and operational turnaround of a drilling company owning two semi-submersible rigs (aged) and four drill ships (uncompleted).

Our team crafted restructuring plans to create a cohesive shareholder group consisting of Chinese shipyard, financial investors and drill rig operators. We also managed fund raising to complete the building of 1 drill ship, securing employment for completed vessels and sale of non-viable assets.


Berlian Laju Tankers

Indonesia, Singapore, Hong Kong, USA

Argile Partners advised a dual-listed (Singapore and Jakarta) Indonesian company with a global chemical and gas tanker fleet of 50 vessels operating globally from Jakarta, Hong Kong and USA (Connecticut). The total debt was in excess of USD2 billion comprising of senior secured syndicate of international banks, high yield USD bonds, convertible bonds, IDR bonds, lease, derivative and trade claims.

With our expertise, we stabilised crisis through implementation of vessel protection measures, cash flow managemet, restructuring an underperforming fleet by removing (through lay up or sale) unprofitable vessels and contracts including realigning trade lanes and management changes.

We also developed long term restructuring proposal to accommodate diverse lender and stakeholder groups across Asia, New York and London including 5 year cash flow forecasts to determine revised loan terms, new money requirements for working capital, cash sweep mechanisms, and equity issuance.

Moreover, we successfully completed reorganisation of company and debt restructuring under the Indonesian PKPU process, Singapore S210 Schemes of Arrangement and New York Chapter 15 resulting in a trade sale of the international trading business and assets to US based private equity funds.